Magic Oceans: Water-show recored with the Nokia E71

7. August 2008 at 13:17

Yesterday my girlfriend asked me whether I want to go with her to the ‘Autostadt‘ to see Magic Oceans, a really spectacular water-show. There are dancing fountains up to the height of 70 meters, colourful lights, pyrotechnics and projections on screens of water. In combination with the music, the lagoon landscape of the Autostadt is transformed into a sea of fantasy and delight. During the show we traveled from Hamburg, to New York, Mexico, Reykjavik, Brasilia and other countries and cities.

Having the Nokia E71 in my pocket I decided to record some parts of this great show with the E71. Although it was that dark, I could catch some great moments. Unfortunately, the E71 just records videos with 15frames per seconds and with QVGA resolution but in the end the result is still okay and you can get an overview of the show. However, trying the nighmode in the 3th sequence I’ve seen that this mode is really useless if you want to catch moving objects in the dark. The sound, however, is really good and you could here everything from the music, to the kids and even the water.

Either than some videos I took some pictures with the 3.2 megapixel camera which you can see here:


What do you think about the show, the quality of the pictures and of the video?