Nokia Pilots: Project explained in detail

11. August 2008 at 20:05

A few weeks ago we reported about the Nokia Pilots project. This project helps Nokia to make better products with the help of normal users acting as beta-testers. Now Mikko Lintunen writing at the Nokia Beta Labs blog has made a very extensive post about Nokia Pilots.

In essence Nokia Pilots is an umbrella program that helps get Nokia users around the world involved in our creative development process. The program acts as a channel for users to share their ideas and suggest improvements that we can put into action as we try to create the best products and services possible. Our focus is to trial new concepts that may only exist in protype creations as well as trialling latest services, SW and devices which may not yet available in the market or ones we have not yet publicly announced.

We run Nokia Pilot projects involving Nokia Pilot users from a variety of countries and with diverse motivations and interests. This variety helps us get a broad range of the most relevant feedback, and helps us develop the best possible solutions for users of Nokia products and services.

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Source: Symbian-Freak