OVI gets a mobile homepage

13. August 2008 at 11:29

Nokia’s share on OVI service is now available as a mobile version for your handset. You can find the mobile page here.

There are some OVI services included that you couldn’t use on your mobile phone till now:

  • View your contact’s latest uploads immediately from the new mobile homepage
  • View your latest uploads from the mobile homepage
  • Upload and Share media directly from the mobile site
  • Create new channels and organize your media

Additional SMS Support:

  • Sign up using SMS
  • Receive notifications via SMS

There’s also a chance to preview a new Share on Ovi Facebook application.

This alpha release allows members to:

  • Post entire channels as slideshows
  • Snap photos on your mobile and share to Facebook immediately
  • Post channels to your friends feed
  • Add a tab containing all your Share on OVI Media

Source: AAS