Nokia and T-Mobile to go mainstream with the 6650

18. August 2008 at 12:23

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Back in Q1 of this year, Nokia and T-Mobile announced the 6650, a clamshell handset which is available at T-Mobile only. After playing with this snappy device a couple of days I think I realized what Nokia and T-Mobile tried to achieve with this device. In my opinion this is a really great handset for the mainstream and for the average user.


Other than other S60 devices the 6650 doesn’t have a power-button on the top to turn on/off or to change the profile. So, you need to use the red-end-key to do this. This is pretty much like all the other manufacturers do it. Using this key makes it much easier for new user.

Built quality & form factor:

The front and the back of the 6650 dominates with its metal finish. This causes a pretty good built quality and a nobly and stylish appearance. All in all the 6650 is really thin and small when it is closed which fits perfect in every pocket. Opening the 6650 you see the rather small 2.2” display and the stylish and big keypad. No doubt, the 6650 is solid like a rock. However, my test-device was shaking a little bit in closed mode when you touched the front and tried to use the external display. The combination of size and built quality make this device really tasty for T-Mobile customers.

S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2:

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The 6650 runs on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 which offers a lot improvements and addition in terms of usability and personalisation. Thus this is the perfect platform for a device like the 6650. As a result of various polls S60 totally improved the Task-manager. Either you open it via the traditional way (long press on the menu-key) or you go to the menu, click opinions and choose ”Show open apps”. More over, it’s more obvious now that you can open application by clicking on the central softkey.

External display:


On the front you see the secondary display with a  128 x 160 resolution. By closing the 6650 you can use the secondary display. Under the display you can see three touch sensitive keys. Using this three touch sensitive keys and the directionals keys on the left hand side you can access and control 6 applications such as the calendar, music player, camera (good for self portraits) , stop watch and some more. As usual, you can see the battery status, time, date and so on too. Of course you can also personalize the external display ( for example of a picture like I did it).


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A really nice and stylish feature of the 6650 is the keypad lights. Thus you have seven different light colours you can choose. This make it stick out and makes it more attractive for young users.

GPS and more:

Although, the 6650 is targeted to the average user it still packs some killer features under its hood. So, you can navigate by using the built in GPS and Nokia Maps. More over, you have a standard 2 megapixel camera and a super strong 1500 mAh battery for a long usage.


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To sum up, the 6650 puts the usual S60 feeling, great built quality, stylish look, GPS and  improvements in terms of usability for new user under a sexy and nobly housing. Indeed, this is a perfect device for the average user.