Enhanced Calculator for S60

19. August 2008 at 23:31


Rafe over at Allaboutsymbian has brought news that the folks over at the Nokia Beta Labs released an enhanced calculator for S60. This calculator has been ported from S40 and offers a bunch of improvements. So you can finally use the D-pad for selecting +, -, × and ÷ really fast and easily. More over it offer more functions such as sinus.

Here an extract from the Beta Labs:

Have you noticed that even in the latest S60 devices the calculator application is very simple and limited in features? And have you noticed that in Series 40 devices there is a much better calculator application? The calculator in Series 40 devices is a Java application, and we started to think here about replacing the current S60 native calculator with this one. So, I took the source codes of the original Series 40 application and updated it a little bit. The end result is here, Java calculator application for S60 devices!

Source: Allaboutsymbian