Battle of the Sexiest: Nokia N8 vs E7 vs HTC Desire S

29. April 2011 at 17:57

Nokia is definitely one of the best mobile manufacturer company to produce excellent hardware designs. Like on their Nokia N8 which has the anodized aluminum casing and the E7 that is very solid in terms of looks and feel. But how do they look when we compare them to other devices? Would they still outshine the other hot devices in the market? Well, let’s see on the battle of the sexiest!

Devices: Nokia N8 vs HTC Desire S vs Nokia E7

Thoughts and review on the comparison:

  • E7 feels the most solid device out of the three
  • N8 and HTC Desire S weighs almost the same
  • Gripping on HTC Desire S is bit better for portrait and one hand use
  • Anodized Aluminum Casing is definitely the best default hard casing right now
  • Still the Silver N8 looks very nice compare to Desire S and E7 on a bar at night (based on my own eyes and the said ambiance)
  • E7 owns the best physical keys that are attached to its body system
  • Desire S is slimmer

Finally, I can say the E7 is the most solid device in my hands and both N8 and E7 have edges against HTC for hardware design. But of course the HTC Desire S also inherit some special things that both device dont have and that is the unique body gripping design on it.

Do you also think that Nokia is still the best hardware designer for mobile devices? :)