Updates From Beta Labs: Nokia Reader for Symbian^3

10. May 2011 at 13:45

Beta Labs’ geniuses released an update to the Nokia Reader for S^3 devices. The Nokia Reader and Ovi Notifications are both pre-requisite to have a working push-type reader. So in the new version of Ovi Notifications Support Package v1.11118, the Nokia Reader had received multiple fixes on different issues that were reported of the users.

The fixes and changes are:

  • Improves connectivity reliability
  • Fixes the bug that forced user to re-enter Nokia Account username and password
  • Fixes the bug that caused Reader to stop from working on some devices, requiring Reader to be re-installed.

Also, you should take note that if:

1.) Current users of Nokia Reader should only install the Ovi Notifications Support Package

2.) New users should install both Nokia Reader 1.0.1 (second to be installed after ONSS) and Ovi Notifications Support Package (first to be installed on C:)

Download link: Nokia Reader 1.0.1 and Ovi Support Package (zipped file) around 3MB

Issues/problems experienced should be reported on the Nokia Beta Labs page of Nokia Reader.