The Impossible Game from Xbox is Now Available for Symbian – Demo on Nokia N8

11. May 2011 at 17:09

The Impossible game was created by Fluke Duke and was seen on Xbox Live for Windows Mobile. But now the game is also available for Symbian^3 devices. The game is now downloadable from Ovi Store for a price of €1.00. We don’t have a free trial here for that game so you gonna need to purchase it.

The Impossible Game Review
The game is really intended for serious and focus individual who wants thrilling and action at the same time. Its sound effects are also great on the ambiance while tapping on the screen. And it features practice and regular mode but during the game you will know the rules with the How-To-Play system.

  • Extremely hard
  • Cool sound and graphics
  • Unique  game style and graphics layout
  • Annoying Triangulated Spikes :)
  • There should have a difficulty mode selection aside from Practice mode

Download Link from Ovi Store: The Impossible Game
Availability: Global but paid app, S^3