Review: Nokia Mini-Speakers MD-4

3. September 2008 at 16:34

About one week ago I received a trial Nokia N78, together with this great mobile phone I received the Nokia MD-4 speakers. Now I want to share my impressions of this gadget with you in this review.

Sales Package:

The MD-4 mini speakers come in a little white box with the Nokia logo on the top, a big picture of dancing people in the middle and of course a picture of the speakers itself.

On the backside there’s an information-text in eight different languages. The English text says:

Enjoy your music and jam anywhere with your Nokia Mini Speakers MD-4. Fold it in your pocket and have your favourite mobile music accessory with you all the time. Ideal for listening to your phone’s music player and radio on the move. These pocketable mini speakers have been designed to fit music phones with 3.5 mm standard interface connector. Speakers are powered by AAA batteries. Your product may contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small children.

The package contains:

  • Nokia Mini Speakers (MD-4)
  • Nokia Audio Adapter (AD-15)
  • Nokia Universal Headphone Adapter (AD-50)
  • Nokia Carrying Pouch (CP-83)
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • User guide


The MD-4 speakers are very handy and they’re made out of good-looking black plastic. If you have them in your pocket or somewhere they’re folden. If you want to use them you can just open them and they’re huge. On the front there’s the Nokia logo and 12 holes for the speakers. There’s also a green LED which shows you if the device is turned on or not. You can turn it on with a switch on the backside.


The sound of this MD-4 mini speakers is just great! To demonstrate it to you I have made a video:


The MD-4 needs four AAA batteries to work, they’re already included in the sales package. During my test the batteries didn’t get empty and so I can’t say anything specific about the battery life, but I guess it’s very good.


The Nokia MD-4 Mini Speakers are a very good enhancement for your Nokia device if you want to listen to your music regularly without the headset. The sound is very clear and the device comes with everything you need. You can use them witha 3.5mm, 2.5 mm and of course the normal Nokia jack.

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