Nokia 6210 Navigator and its Accelerometer features

16. September 2008 at 20:18

As everybody bought the Nokia N95 nobody knew that the N95 has sensor build in (Accelerometer) which is pretty useful for awesome application such as NokMote or Mirage Money. After some months developer started to write application which allows rotating the screen when you flip the device 90 degrees or to control the entire device by moving it. Of course Nokia saw this power and jumped on the train too. So, they finally integrated it into the devices and now we can find a lot devices such as the N95, N95 8GB, E66 and so on which rotate the display automatically. Now I’ve been playing with the Nokia 6210 Navigator a few days and noticed that this handy device also supports this nifty feature. I’d like to show you how the Nokia 6210 Navigator uses the Accelerometer API.

Actually, the 6210 Navigator  uses the Accelerometer in 3 features:

Rotating screen:

Screenshot62100019 by you.

By flipping the 6210 90 degrees the display turns into landscape mode. This is really useful especially for browsing or watching videos.

Silence call or alarm:

Screenshot62100018 by you.

To silence an incoming call or alarm turn the 6210 Navigator face down. This is much handy than pressing a button.

Jelly Chase:

Screenshot62100020 by you.

This really funny game, which I actually cannot play properly, can be controlled by moving the 6210 Navigator. This is much more fun than using the d-pad. However, this requires a lot practising.

Here the video showing all features powered by the Accelerometer: