New Nokia C5 with 5 MP and 256MB RAM – What are the differences between Nokia C5 old?

30. June 2011 at 15:12

Just on this week, Nokia silently unveiled a new version of Nokia C5-00 packing some new features and upgrading some selected hardware specs.

If you remember, Nokia C5-00 is quite an older smart phone running on S60v3 operating system of Symbian that was launched more than a year ago. We also covered some post of it, you can check the Nokia C5 article here. But mostly the changes on new C5 is on camera and memory. So let’s find out below on what are the improvements on new C5.

New Nokia C5-00 5MP vs Nokia C5-00

  • Improved camera from 3.2 megapixel to 5 megapixel
  • Full Focus – from focus range of 20 cm to infinity is now upgraded to 50 cm to infinity
  • C5 New is heavier with 5.7g and taller about .3 cm
  • Removed Ovi Contacts
  • App name changed from Ovi Maps to Nokia Maps
  • larger user storage from 50MB to 270MB
  • ROM improvement from 256MB to 512MB
  • RAM is improved twice, it is now 256MB
  • Support of 32GB memory card

Nokia C5-00 5MP availability is not yet announced but it could probably hit stores by next month and some may already have it in your local Nokia Stores.