Nokia E6 Preview – Design, Camera, Symbian Anna, Nokia N8 Speaker Comparison and More

9. July 2011 at 15:10

Last couple of days we opened the Nokia E6 retail package to you. This time around we are previewing and highlighting the very top features of Nokia E6. These includes your touch-and-type combo for design, the 8MP camera, Symbian Anna and also we tackled a short comparison against Nokia N8’s speaker. Also we got some lists of notes to share about the E6.

But after this preview, expect more of E6 articles to be shared to you as we are just warming up for an upcoming of more E-xcitement right here at Symbian World. :)

Notes for E6:

  • Audio output quality is excellent both in headset and call
  • Symbian Anna UI is very business-friendly type
  • Some of the 3rd party apps aren’t working well due to resolution and orientation difference
  • Very comfortable to hold as it’s very sleek yet very solid
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Screen is vibrant and crispy

Nokia E6 with Angry Birds

Nokia N8 vs E6 on camera

Nokia E6 video preview