Nokia N81 8GB: One week in Sweden

4. October 2008 at 13:20

Last month I went to Sweden for a week. Always in my pocket the Nokia N81 8GB. There were some things making the N81 8GB really useful for a trip aboard but unfortunately the N81 8GB couldn’t offer everything I needed. Let’s start with the good things:


The N81 8GB has two main focuses. One of them is the gaming focus. Already when I was waiting for the flight, which delayed 2 hours, I used the N81 and the N-Gage application to play FIFA 08 and Call of duty. The two dedicated gaming keys above the display make in some games like in Brother In Arms really sense and make it more easily. During the week I played pretty much FIFA and Brother In Arms whether on the daily bus drive, or lieing in the bed.


As I already mentioned the N81 has two main focuses. The second focus is the music focus. Having a 3.5mm audio jack, 8GB storage and dedicated music keys listening to music is a real pressure. Almost all time I listened to music – either via my Bluetooth headphones, my 3.5mm headset or via the really loud stereo speakers.


As a blogger I don’t want to miss a day in the cyberworld. So, I have subscribed to a bunch of RSS feeds. Fortunately I had access to a WiFi access point during the week. Using this WiFi access point I refreshed my RSS-Feeds, retrieved E-mails, checked the internet and kept the contact with all my friends via MSN. More over, I downloaded several podcast which I watched every evening on the good 2.4” display.

Now its time to mention the bad thing:


On the back of the N81 you find a poor 2 megapixel camera without autofocus. This may be enough for snapshots but not for good pictures. I used to take a lot pictures when I’m in an other country but unfortunately the N81 isn’t made for this task.


The Nokia N81 is indeed a great device for a trip, in this case to Sweden. It helps to make waiting much interesting or even funny. Listening to music, playing N-Gage or surfing the web are really its advantages. However, if you take pictures and you like to have good quality, you shouldn’t use the N81.