Nokia E6 Camera Review – Prowess of Full Focus on Landscape and HD Video Shooting

23. July 2011 at 14:40

Nokia E6 is equipped with 8 monstrous mega pixels camera sensor that uses ‘full focus’ technology. Even though it’s a dicey decision made by Nokia to have FF on Nokia E6 because of lacking the auto focusing feature that is important to close up shooting, but still there are many things on this piece of technology that could be considered as potentials for a better camera usability and performance.

So we will be delivering and tackling on what areas will the E6 camera fit in and not.

8 MP Dual LED flash
28mm wide angle, f/2.4
Full focus (50cm to infinity)
Digital zoom at 2x
No auto focus or macro shot
Video resolution: 1280 x 720p

HD Video Recording on E6
One of my liked features of full focus is the sharper moving pictures output. Most of video recording are distant from camera to subjects in order to cover the moving or fixed scenes. So this would be likely an advantage for the full focus because of the minimum default focusing of 50cm and anything from that point is being focused.

Scene: Low light sunset
Orientation: Landscape
Size: 66.9MB
Period: 48 seconds

At low light zooming, it takes more seconds to adjust and focused the scene. There is a slight issue on camera shaking, but well this is a business inclined device so don’t expect a SLR or P&S like features. Lastly, sound quality is impressive as you can hear on the video the insects’ chirping and kids noises.

Landscape Still Pictures Shooting on E6
The other feature that could be consider a potential of FF is on the landscape shooting. I noticed that image background is crispier and sharper on all landscape or distant photos of E6.

There are sometimes auto balancing mismatch when set all options to automatic yet this no big issue for a business-inclined smartphone. But the thing is you can’t have close up shots on E6.

Quality of images taken at maximum zoom are still sharper and crispier but the prone to camera shaking effect will be greater.

Full Focus vs Auto Focus.
No close up shots except if you have a magnifying glass.
Most of us were used to the auto focus camera of Nokia for high end and mid end smart phones, even on the previous Eseries. But on most Symbian^3 line ups these auto focus gone missing, instead we saw the full focus parade. Both have cons and pros but the risk that Nokia did is that they weighed the FF as heavier and better solution of camera optics compare to AF on some of their smart phones.

On my thoughts about FF, I really feel that their high end smart phones should have this, even though it is an advantage on the design and cutting cost solution still high-end and some mid-end devices should have a proper camera. And yet, most of our choice will still be based on necessity.

So which do you think you really need on high-end devices, Full Focus or Auto Focus camera? Would you rather sacrifice the design over the FF?