Poll: What will be the name of the First Nokia Windows Phone? Nokia W9, Sea Ray etc?

23. July 2011 at 17:00

October is getting closer and time is really running fast. Nokia World 2011 is just a few months ahead and it could be also the time that Nokia will announce their first Windows Phone Mobile probably running on 7.5 or Mango version.

See the Nokia Sea Ray leaked again.

But what name would they give to it? Will the Nokia Sea Ray code name the final model name? Or it would be the first Wseries or the W9? Hit the poll and comment sections for your suggestions and thoughts on how would you name the first NWP.

For me the Nokia W9 is the perfect name for it but it would still be more interesting if Nokia step up and adopt another naming convention. The Nseries is also a well-known title of Nokia’s smart phones so it still possible that we get a Nokia N9-01 or something for it. So if you some suggestions there then hit the poll and comment section below. :)