Nokia E6 Review – The Touch-and-Type Leader

8. August 2011 at 14:42

The line of the Eseries devices of Nokia is proven to be top-notch in design and features. These smartphones are well-known to be leaders built on powerful and solid typing, connectivity, and messaging tool. So let’s see if Nokia E6 will be worthy to be one.

Nokia E6 Specs.
Nokia E6 preview and unboxing.

Very compact, sleek and solid
Touch-and-type is awesome
Design is outstanding
Symbian Anna brings stability in performance
Free Ovi Maps with lifetime support of turn-by-turn navigation is big deal
Landscape shooting and HD video
Longer battery life above most of other devices
Excellent call quality and audio output on headset
Love the UI layout of Symbian Anna on E6

Nokia needs to get rid of FullFocus camera from their high-end devices
Camera lens are prone to scratches
Limited 3rd party apps due to resolution
Social App of Nokia is slow and needs some big improvements


Starting from the very basic function of business smartphones which is messaging, Nokia E6 evolves as the new type-and-touch leader of Nokia. It brings ease and speed solutions to users with its integrated full and multi-touch screen function to full physical QWERTY keyboard especially on typing a sms, email or chat.

Full QWERTY on E6


Nokia E6 is bundled with the aces of Nokia messaging apps. You have the threaded SMS which is a Symbian^3 features, a push-enabled email client and other is the communicator, and lastly the IM functions for chatty ones.

I activated multiple email accounts on the mail client of Symbian since from I got hold the phone and I can say that the push-emailing really works great as it saves me lot of battery life while giving me on time notifications whenever I’m connected. This app was improved to work better on Symbian^3 phones.

E6 has also lots of chat services included in its Chat app and that includes your Google Talk, Messenger, YM and more. But if you want some alternative for IM, the WhatsApp and Nimbuzz are the few top messaging apps that can be found free from Ovi Store.

For socialites, the bundled app is the Social app of Nokia. It’s useable for basic function the rest is I still find it slow and unorganized. It really needs big update especially on performance, integration and UI overhaul. But thanks to Gravity for an alternative 3rd party apps for twitter and other social networks.

Web and Apps

A big bottleneck of having a bigger screen resolution on the device is that the numbers of compatible 3rd party apps are not great specifically on games. But on messaging and utility apps, most of the top apps will run smoothly on E6. Example of those is your Nimbuzz, WhatsApp, Gravity, Opera Mobile and Mini and others.

The latest Symbian Anna brings an updated and improved web browser to Symbian^3 phones. Much of the improvements are on UI and performance. I noticed its faster compare to N8’s browser running on older Symbian firmware and not on Anna. New url bar on top is also noticeable as well as the few face lifts on UI.

All first generation Symbian^3 phones like N8, C7 and E7 will receive the update on the end of August.

Running good apps and games on E6:

Opera Mobile/Mini
Fruit Ninja (but not 100% working)
Angry Birds all versions (after update)
I Must Run
EBuddy Mobile
QR – UpCode

To those E6 users, please share other working apps on E6 through comments. Thanks!


As a business inclined device, it should be understand the E6 is not rich with multimedia features when we compare it to Nseries lines. But differences on multimedia features are supplementary for some like your HDMI. But the rest are must-needed smartphone functions like your camera.

Talking of camera, E6 features EDoF or Full Focus like your Nokia E7, C7, X7 and other Symbian^3 phones. Having this is both a con and pro to me. Mainly because Auto-focusing is absent to FF camera and unlike on your Nokia N8, you can have close up shots or macro for video and still image. But the bright side of FF is that it is superior in HD video shooting especially on landscape and far-subject shots.

And through the petitions of most fans, Nokia will probably stop putting FullFocus camera on their next smartphones, and I hope so that it will happen.

We also tested the Nokia E6’s capability in QR reading so check it out.


Gallery of Nokia E6 Camera here.


For being a touch-and-type phone, simplicity from complexity is definitely the approach of Nokia in designing the E6. Yet for being a simplified device, it is still obvious that Nokia E6 holds a sexy and elegant design features.

Most of the noticeable features are on the sleek and solid construction of E6 that I experience every time I hold it. Typing on the keys is perfected too for your thumbs as it is very smooth and comfortable to type in. New D-pad layout is kinda my favourite part on the facade of the phone, though. You can also actually use E6 with only a hand due to the type and touch function.

And the drawback I found was the E6 camera lens as it is prone to scratches and I’d wish it was on gorilla proof too like on the vibrant 2.46” screen. Speaking of screen, 2.46″ is kinda small if you came from a big touchy screen device but if really want speed and compactness surely you will hooked on it. It’s the same as AMOLED screen on N8 or E7 but brightness settings is always mid and all icons and images are crispier to see on this big resolution screen.

Connectivity, Utilities, Battery

Symbian^3 brings more smarter features to Nokia E6 with the support of USB OTG which is useful on managing documents. You can edit files like Microsoft office documents using the Quick Office app that is pre-installed on your phone. Another useful thing is that Nokia E6 has a flashlight default shortcut through its slider lock.

E6 also brought wide connectivity solutions. With it’s Wi-Fi b/g/n, you can have a faster and wider support of net. The same on the pentaband connection for GSM and 3G combine which you can access net through E6 in many countries worldwide.

Battery life on E6 is excellent and that’s is true to most Eseries devices. Thanks to monstrous 1500mAh battery which actually being fitted on the compact body of E6. It’s really a reliable phone when you want longer battery life on all typical usage.

Symbian Anna and the verdict

The aches and pains due to slow or laggy experience from other Symbian^3 phones are now absent on Nokia E6 and that is considered to be one significant improvement of the upcoming new firmware update, Symbian Anna. So to sum up, performance wise it is better on E6 and UI layout on E6 is excellent. But I still believe it’s enough to keep Symbian users to keep holding on Anna until the next update comes which is codename Symbian Belle.

Top Questions

And for being the first its kind to step in the arena with Symbian^3, here are my top formulated questions with answers:

Is Nokia E6 worth the upgrade from E72/E71? > Definitely E6 is worth for upgrade. Design and performance was improved well from the predecessor, and for the market price points, it is absolutely a must-grab touch-and-type business phone of Nokia because of the small price difference.

Are you ready to give up your Nokia N8 and go for E6? > I think I can’t give up my N8 yet due to the fact that I’m already hooked with its superb camera, and E6 having of a FullFocus one which I can’t live with. But however, if I have the opportunity to own a Nokia E6, I would still wish to have them both with me and I will make E6 as my main phone. J

If I have to choose between Nokia E7 and E6 which will you pick? > I really love the hardware of both especially the design of Nokia E7 which surely make every user standout from the crowd. But for me, basing in my needs necessities and price preferences, I would pick Nokia E6. I think it’s worth for my money even it has an FullFocus. I would go to E7 if it has no FullFocus camera.


-Reviewed by Jade Bryan Jardinico
Symbian World