Nokia N96: Firmware v.11.101 available

8. October 2008 at 18:41

Today Nokia released a new Firmware Version for the new Nokia N96. Due to I already have an N96 I could move my N96 from v.11.018 to v.11.101 using the Nokia Software Updater.  After some hours I haven’t found any change yet.

All things which annoyed me the last week are still present. So you cannot mark pictures in the ”Photos” application with the #-key, the N96 needs to much time for opening the list with all ring-tones or needs to much times to focus the pictures in the gallery. I hope to see these and some more ”bugs” to be fixed in the next Firmware version. However, since the N96 supports User Data Preservation you don’t need to reinstall all applications, back up your phone and so on. This is really great as you just update your device and you’re ready to go. According to other blogs the Mobile TV application has been improved. If you know other changes or improvements please go ahead and post them here. You have an N96? If so, update your it easily using the NSU.