Launch Of Symbian Belle and New Nokia Smartphone Devices named Nokia 700, 701, 600 | Updates of Release and Support #nokiaTSN

24. August 2011 at 13:57

WOMWorld/Nokia prepared an event here in Hong Kong and we’re invited to take part and to take the plunge to Try Something New together with other bloggers and media around the world. 

And today, as the first day of the event kicks off, Nokia finally unveiled the most-awaited upgrade for Symbian^3 and that is your Symbian Belle. It’s the update after Symbian Anna, the one that been recently rolled out.

The Belle update features new homescreens, menu and programs that have more deep and cool UI customizations as well as new functions for smartphone use. These said new features and changes will again increase the user’s experience like when Anna arrived to our doorsteps. The arrival of Belle is likely to be considered the real competitor for Androids and other phones.

So what’s really the things that are new on these Belle devices and we didn’t have on previous Symbian^3 versions:

  • Free form, resizable and live widgets
  • Supports up to 6 homescreens
  • Improvised status bar
  • Modernized navigation
  • New Apps added
  • New lock screen

Symbian Belle on video:

Nokia 701 420$ at 1Ghz the brightest at €290 without taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 700 the smallest at €270 before taxes.

Nokia 600 the loudest priced at €180 before taxes and subsidies.

All with NFC

Release date of these devices to hit markets is on the end of Q3 and that is by end of September.