What will be the name and features of Nokia N8 successor? Symbian Belle or Windows Phone Mango?

31. August 2011 at 15:39

The first birthday of Nokia N8 is getting closer and people are now getting excited on what will its successor bring. Plus with the announcement of Symbian Belle and new smartphones, Nokia 701, 700 and 600, it just maked the talks hotter.

Few top questions are on the rise and that is the operating system of choice whether it would run on Mango or Symbian Belle or even with MeeGo. Another big conversation is on camera if it will bring a lot of new features. Also another one is the name, as Nokia already changed their naming convention, we expect it would be named on Nokia 800s series. But sadly, we can’t just conclude with these talks until we’ve seen it and hear it right from Nokia.

For now, let’s just have our own conversations here regarding this N8’s successor. Tell us on what you’re thoughts on the N8’s successor.

My own speculations is that, Nokia might announce Nokia 800 with Symbian Belle and with these 16+ MP Carl Zeiss camera, 4.0″ screen, and more. And maybe Nokia would announce Nokia 801 next year now with Mango and with same killer specs as Nokia 800…all just my thought though.

How about you? What do you think of the N8’s successor? :)