Nokia N97 Firmware v.11.0.021: If not available via OTA check the Nokia Software Updater

8. July 2009 at 15:30

The Nokia N97 has received a new Firmware version and is now v11.0.021. Many users trying updating their Nokia N97 reported that they received the massage that no update is available. I also tried updating my N97 Over-The-Air (OTA) and indeed I received the same message. Yesterday, however, I’ve connected the N97 to my PC and using the Nokia Software Updater I could update from v10.0.012 to v11.0.021. As always we recommend updating the firmware. Featuring UDP you don’t need to backup all your date. However, saving the data from time to time would be useful. Changes I noticed in the first minutes are just new Icons for some apps. Further changes can be found in the changelog. So, if you cannot update your firmware over the air use the Nokia Software Updater which is of course for free.