Symbian Moove – Switch music tracks using hand gestures

14. April 2010 at 13:13

Symbian Moove is a cool little application that lets you control your music playback on your S60 5th Edition device without actually touching the phone. Based on the revolutionary eyeCan technology, you can control the UI by simply hovering your hand over your device. A simple hand gesture can silent an incoming call, navigate between GPS menus, activate the MP3 player and more. With Symbian Moove, simply place your hand over the phone to get the music started. Then you can place your hand over the phone again to pause, or slide your hand above the phone to skip to the next song. Check out the video demo of the app in action after the break.

Ovi Contacts 1.5 Updated

30. March 2010 at 16:43

Ovi Contacts 1.5 Updated

Following the feedback from the Beta Labs community, Nokia has made some tweaks to the Ovi Contacts 1.5 client. The new release of Ovi Contacts 1.5 is available for S60 5th Edition devices, and includes a new pop-up note for incoming chat messages and support for additional file types when file sharing (contact card & presentation). You can download the new client from

Nokia Here & Now Updated – Graduates from Beta

25. March 2010 at 11:42

Nokia Here & Now Updated - Graduates from BetaThe Nokia Beta Labs have announced that Here & Now has just been updated and is finally out of the Beta stage. Here & Now gives you timely information about Weather, Events, Movies and Restaurants, based on your current location. The new version is available via Software Update (over-the-air or through Ovi Suite) for select devices, and should be more widely available very soon.

Opera Software Release Final Versions of Opera Web Browsers

17. March 2010 at 10:45

Opera Software Release Final Versions of Opera Web Browsers_1 Opera Software Release Final Versions of Opera Web Browsers_2

Opera Web Browsers for Symbian have finally been updated out of beta. Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5 are both probably the best 3rd party web browsers available, and even tend to surpass the functionalities of the built in S60 browser. This release puts all the necessary finishing touches on the Opera mobile-browsing duo, with focus on delivering the best Internet experience, along with a unified look and feel, such as Speed Dial, password manager and tabbed browsing. To download Opera Mini 5 or Opera Mobile 10 to your S60 handset, simply visit

Reuters Social Portfolio: track the social behavior of your stocks

17. March 2010 at 10:17

Reuters Social Portfolio - track the social behavior of your stocks

Reuters Social Portfolio is an open, community-powered way of looking at and tweeting about stocks. It plots tweets and news against stock data to give you an interactive picture of what the world is saying about stocks you follow. The Flash-based mobile application lets users monitor reactions of various stocks with corresponding news and social media updates. Any user can set up a FTSE stock watch-list on their S60 5th Edition Nokia handset where favorite stocks can then be accessed at the touch of the screen. Selecting a stock will open up a graphical display of the stocks performance over time in a line graph format which is familiar and easy to read. Reuters Social Portfolio is available for FREE at the Ovi Store.