Nokia N95-1: Hands-on with the new firmware v30!

10. September 2008 at 17:08

As you maybe heard since a few days there is a new firmware available for the Nokia N95-1 “classic”. The new version is 30.0.015 and it has some nice improvements, e.g built-in screen-rotation. I have installed this firmware on my device just today and now I want to bring a short hands-on video of it to you.

FlipSilent 1.06 now Signed

15. July 2008 at 13:02

FlipSilent, the app which allows you to change the profile to Silent mode by flipping the device , is not out in v 1.06. The best thing about version 1.06 is that it’s ¬†already signed. It works on all S60 3rd Edition phones with Accelerometer ( N95, N82, N95 8GB).

ShakeSMS 1.02: Realeased to public

29. April 2008 at 11:56


We already reported about ShakeSMS, the acceleromerter based application which opens incoming text messages by shaking the device. Now you can download ShakeSMS 1.02 for free. Other than that you don’t have to sign this great application. However, bear in mind that this application is just working on the N82, N95, N93i and N95 8GB.

With ShakeSMS:
just shake your phone, you can read the sms;
Action —— How to remember
Lean Left — Leave (delete) SMS
Lean Right — Write (Reply SMS)
Lean Up — Up to the SMS Folder In
Lean Down — Done (Back to Previous Screen and Lock keypad)

N95 8GB: V20.0.016 brings ASR and more

18. April 2008 at 11:23

v20 screenshotv20 screenshot

As you can see, the new Firmware v20.0.016 brings automatic screen rotation, as you may know from the N82 or 3rd Party application like RotateMe, to the Nokia N95 8GB. Using the built in Accelerometer API you can rotate the screen by rotating the N95 8GB. Other than that some bugs has been fixed and Wi-Fi and Browser has been improved. Use the NSU to update your N95 8GB

Source: Allaboutsymbian

pySnake: Control the Snake by moving your Nseries

14. March 2008 at 12:38


Damien, based in Poland, is a young but quite good python developer. Now he brought the good old Snake back to our Nseries.

pySnake is a game which is using the Accelerometer API of the N95 , N95 8GB, N82 and the N93i to improve the gameplay of the quite old Snake game. So you can control the snake just by moving your Nseries. It’s a great and funny game, so don’t hesitate and download it for free.

If you want to download even more Accelerometer based games jump over to my older post.