Meraj’s (must have) N95 applications

2. February 2008 at 21:44
Meraj’s (must have) Nokia N95 applications! – Part 1

Welcome to the Part 1 of my must have N95 applications, some of them aren’t really must have, but I am writing a little bit about everything that is installed in my Nokia N95-1. I will try explain this to the low-profile end-user N95 users the best I can, it is time that only fanatics use the Symbians to the maximum.

This is obviously not the first applications list made by a phone article blogger, but it is my first, so just sit back and relax while I review the applications that I use.

In this edition you will read about:

  • Epocware Handy Taskman
  • Samir’s RotateMe
  • Samir’s Nokmote
  • Nokia Activity Monitor
  • MXit
  • Minispeaker

ShakeLock: Shake phone to un/lock it!

2. February 2008 at 13:07

There is no end to imagination or to the possibilities of N95’s accelerometer. A first-time Symbian programmer, Manu Krishnan has developed a simple application that interacts with the Accelerometer API and the lock and unlock commands of the Symbian smartphones that have accelerometers. This application is another addition to the vast list of which people like Samir, Damien and Tong Ren have contributted. It is really simple to operate this program, where up and down shakes equal to lock and right and left equal to unlock the phone’s keypad. The application is in progress and therefore it’s not released to the public, however Teo from Symbian-Freak is a friend of Manu, so he might do the favour to some people.

Source: Symbian-Freak

2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona looking promising

1. February 2008 at 16:24

The much awaited S60 Touch UI (Apple iPhone’s User Interface in Symbian Series 60 devices) will be showcased in the Mobile Word Congress (previously known as 3GSM) in Barcelona.

According to Nokia’s own MWC website and to S60’s Blog, we will see:
– S60 touch UI
– S60 sensor technologies
– S60 Internet browsing
– S60 Internet innovation enablers (Web runtime and Flash Lite runtime evolution with Service APIs)
– S60 native development platform (Open C evolution, C++, Python)
– S60 and Internet community services
– S60 device showcase
– The infamous Tune my S60 kiosk

Besides these exhibitions, we will also see:

ShakeSMS, ShakeMe and LoudUp?

31. January 2008 at 14:28

This is a race or a war if you want between two great developers, one of them is Tong Ren, which has come up with Flip Silent, and now we see ShakeSMS, who seems like quite a good concept, because I rather do a simple movement with my hand to check SMS rather then actually unlocking or sliding the phone up.

On Samir’s side we have seen RotateMe, Nokmote, Shutup (a bit late with reduced functionality compared to FlipSilent), and now we wonder what LoudMe and ShakeMe is.

How to: Simple steps to N95 mouse motion

25. January 2008 at 22:34

Asier has created a great program which we have seen in most blogs and forums. NiiMe uses Python, Accelerometer and Bluetooth so that you can use your phone as a mouse by simply tilting it. I have been struggling with it for the past days, but managed to come right thanks to some tips from sid on prodigits and some logic…

For the ones who still can’t get it working, I created a very basic tutorial:

Step 1

Get Python on your computer. The tutorial is mainly intended for Vista as it was done on a notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit but I’m sure it can help in XP installations.
You can get Python from here. Install it, the latest build is 2.5.1 and has ctypes included.