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1. January 2014 at 15:39


Car Mode for Windows Phone 8

28. August 2013 at 08:30

Texting while driving is a no go – that goes without saying. But also if it is not texing or calling while driving, the phone can distract us in many ways. Launching a simple app while driving like Nokia Here while check where the next garage is can be dangerous. Now you can download the application Car Mode for your Windows Phone 8 device. Similar to the Symbian version the app launches a clean overview with big buttons. You can add apps you like to the app like Nokia Here or other apps you need while driving. In a premium version you can use an NFC tag in your car to activate the app.

5 Best Card and Gaming Apps for Symbian

14. August 2013 at 16:14

Nokia offers the best in class games and apps which you can download for your Nokia smartphone. Many of these games are available for free which means that you can simply go to the Nokia app store (Ovi store) and download it without making any payment. The apps we talk about in this article are designed to run on Symbian, the operating system for Nokia phones. However there are also apps which are platform independent and can run on any platform provided that there are no restrictions placed on it by the native phone software.

Let us take a look at the five best cards and gaming apps for Symbian operating system. It is difficult to rank them as the best because users differ in their preferences. However, general popularity of the apps is used as a metric here.

Prevent your child from being the victim of cyberbullying

7. May 2013 at 00:00

Undoubtedly, the internet is one of, if not the, great innovation of the modern age. It’s completely reinvented the way we live our lives, providing us with millions of pages of information that can be called upon in a second. It’s also completely changed how we communicate, allowing us to deliver instantaneous messages and even to see each other when we talk. It’s even changed how we shop and do business.

The internet has made life faster and simpler, which many see as beneficial. However, like with any innovation, risks will always accompany the benefits. With the changes in the way we communicate, the internet has brought about a new phenomenon – cyberbullying.

The bullying prevention charity, Beatbullying, has reported that as many as one in three young people in the UK have been a victim of some kind of cyberbullying. This form of bullying can be especially traumatic to a child, since it can happen wherever they have access to the internet – and if your child has a smartphone with an internet connection, then essentially that can mean anywhere.

Wireless charging on the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820: Not a real Innovation

8. October 2012 at 10:01

One of the key features or innovations, how Nokia likes to put it, of the new announced Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 devices is the wireless charging capability. Indeed, no longer having to search the charger and just putting the device on the charging mat or Fatboy is not only quite cool but also really convenient. If you have read several previews of both new Lumias, you may have noticed that almost every blog or magazine has highlighted this feature as one of the key features.

However, is this feature really that new and innovative? Not really! This whole wireless charging technology is not as new as it seems. More than two years ago at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona I visited the Powermat booth – one of the hottest and most visited both of the whole congress. Back then I introduced Powermat like this on my blog:

Powermat is a wireless charging system and an aspirant for the hottest gadget of this year. Instead of having a spaghetti of cables for charging your various gadgets, Powermat confines all this mess into one simple and revolutionary mat.