How to subscribe to specific podcasts without typing in their URLs (answer to AAS)

8. February 2009 at 00:50

07/02/2009 by you.

Over on All About Symbian Steve Litchfield wrote an excellent post how to subscribe to specific podcast without typing in their URLs. I think most of you know the problem when you try typing letter for letter and in the end you made a mistake anyway. So, Steve wrote a tutorial, which is rather for newbies, that shows how to use the copy and paste function to handle this task. This is a really simple and fast way but I know another way to do this in a cooler manner.

2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona looking promising

1. February 2008 at 16:24

The much awaited S60 Touch UI (Apple iPhone’s User Interface in Symbian Series 60 devices) will be showcased in the Mobile Word Congress (previously known as 3GSM) in Barcelona.

According to Nokia’s own MWC website and to S60’s Blog, we will see:
– S60 touch UI
– S60 sensor technologies
– S60 Internet browsing
– S60 Internet innovation enablers (Web runtime and Flash Lite runtime evolution with Service APIs)
– S60 native development platform (Open C evolution, C++, Python)
– S60 and Internet community services
– S60 device showcase
– The infamous Tune my S60 kiosk

Besides these exhibitions, we will also see:

How to: Create and read barcodes

28. April 2007 at 17:41

Nokia Barcode

Many friends ask me what the barcode-scanner is for. Now I want to tell you, how it works:

With this barcode-scanner you can read codes. Mobiles like the N95, N93 and N93i got this barcode reader integrated. Phones like 6680 and 7610 haven’t it. But you don’t have to cry. On the nokia site you can download barcode reader for older phones. I prefer ‘Kaywa Reader

Here some screen-shots from Kaywa Reader on my 6680:


The program is really handy.Only scan with the camera over the code and than you can read it.


Of course you can create your own barcodes for you blog, forum ect. Jump over the new nokia mobile code site to create a code.
Here some messages for you:

Can you read them?

Encode the post

28. April 2007 at 10:46

You all know barcodes. James Burland, over thecreativelife, wrote a realy cool post.He only use these barcodes. You have to use the barcodereader of your phone (n95,n93 ect.) to endcode the post. Read here his post.

Jump over and say what you think.

Source: thecreativelife