N81 Firmware: V.11.0.045 Change Log

28. January 2008 at 17:10

We have already reported about the ”new” firmware of the N81. Now Symbian-Freak posted a huge change log of the v11.0.045 firmware.

Changes/improvements made from Firmware v10.0.035 to v11.0.045

Nokia N95-1 v21 firmware with Youtube support

26. January 2008 at 16:10

Really strange that Nokia is releasing minor updates like this, last week it was the N82 and now it’s the Nokia N95-1.

I guess it wasn’t fair that the N95-3 had flashlite 3 support, so they also included it for the ones who had the original N95.

It isn’t released yet, but we managed to get a sneak peak thanks to TheNokiaBlog.
It seems that it is only available for developers, but I hope that the update includes accelerometer plugin and not just flashlite.


Nokia N95 8GB v15.0.015: Official Changelog

8. January 2008 at 20:43


Yesterday Norman reported about his update to v15 on his Nokia N95 8GB. He said that it will make you a total new device, because the changes and improvements from v11.0.026 to v15.0.015 are so good.

Now here is the official changelog:

Firmware: A new N95 8GB thanks to V.15.0.15

7. January 2008 at 18:18

Some weeks ago I received the Nokia N95 8GB from the folks over at WOM World. I’ve used it pretty often to compare it better with the N95 and the N82. All in all is the N95 8GB the best multimedia computer on the market but there was one big thing, which pissed me off – the software/firmware. The N95 8GB I used was v10 and was pretty slow and unstable. In the last 3 days it crashed more than 5 times during I listen to music. More over the speed of the USB was horrible slow. I was really disappointed but than I read that a new firmware is available. Of course I updated the N95 8GB with the NSU to version 15.015 and I’m happy to say, that with the new firmware I also get a new device.

Almost all software downsides are gone now and furthermore some nice features have been added. Here some changes and additions I and also other User noticed: