Nokia 5800 vs. Google G1: Keyboard, Size and Browser

10. April 2009 at 08:50

DSCF9683 by you.

In the first comparison we’re looking at the keyboard, the browser and the size of the G1 and the 5800 Xpress Music. Both are running different operation system. While the 5800 is running on S60 5th Edition the G1 features the brand new Andoid OS.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic & T-Mobile G1: Image Gallery

25. March 2009 at 17:35

DSCF9545 by you.

Touch-screens are becoming more and more important. Therefore I’ve decided to compare the Nokia 5800 with other touch-screen-devices. The first one is the T-Mobile G1 which is the first device which based on Google’s Android OS. In the next days/weeks I’ll compare the G1 and the 5800 to find their advantages and their disadvantages. First off, I start with some pictures of both, the G1 and the 5800.