How To Take Macro Shots on Full Focus Camera

21. December 2010 at 10:43


Nokia is now pushing new generation of Full Focus technology on some of their devices because of the necessity for slimmer design and other purposes. But the main caveat to consider is the lack of auto-focus leaving only up to 50cm for minimum full focus on still images. It may sound like a drawback for other people but it has definitely an advantage in many areas.

How to: Upload Photos & Videos with Nokia Share Online using Furtiv plug-ins

12. August 2010 at 02:15

Scr000027If you want to share your photos and videos directly from your smartphone devices to your friends in many social networks it might be a hassle for some reasons, but not anymore! Because with Nokia Share Online you can share media files fast and easy. Plus with the latest Furtiv plug-ins you can now access and integrate your social network accounts such as flickr, twitpic, facebook, picasa, my space and others into your Nokia Share Online or upload directly from your gallery.

How To: Lock your Nokia N97 with simple text message

26. April 2010 at 11:59

Screenshot0003Symbian handsets have many hidden talents and functions. One of which is the ”remote phone locking” function. This function allows to lock your S60 device like the Nokia N97 via a text message from everywhere.

If, for example, somebody had stolen your precious Nokia N97 with really important and private data you can simply write a text message to your phone number and immediately your N97 is locked. However, first you need to activate this function.Therefore go into the menu and than choose ‘settings‘, ‘phone‘, ‘Phone mgmt‘, ‘Security settings‘, ‘Phone and Sim card‘ and finally ‘Remote phone locking‘. Once you enable it you have to define a message like e.g. ”nokian97” and afterwards verify it again. Now you have activated this function.

Guide: Connect To Xbox Live & PSN via a Nokia Phone

23. March 2010 at 16:22

Mobile Phones and Mobile Broadband are very similar things – they run on “mobile signals” and the newer phones try to connect to 3G Data services when making calls and browsing the internet on the phone, which is the same data service that Mobile Broadband users use.

Now you might be thinking “whats that got to do with gaming”, however you can easily use your
Mobile Phone (or even a USB Mobile Broadband dongle) to connect to Xbox live and Playstation
Network, and with that i have made an easy, but effective guide on how to use a Nokia Handset, Nokia PC/OVI Suite software and a Computer to get an Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live AND a Playstation 3 connected to the Playstation Network – it seems impossible, but it works and the best part about it – it works rather well.

How To: Use Coordinates In Ovi Maps

9. March 2010 at 22:17

How To Use Coordinates In Ovi Maps

Finding destinations using Ovi Maps is very easy now, with the search more precise than ever. There is one slight weakness however, when trying to access a location using coordinates, as the option isn’t so apparent. Now although navigating with coordinates is hardly an everyday scenario, there may be times when you’d like to find or navigate to a location using just the coordinates. So heres a quick guide on how to go about this on your Nokia smartphone.