Smartphones Show 63

17. July 2008 at 11:15

Steve Litchfield has made a new part of his famous Smartphone Show.

Programme 63 covers:

  • Review of the Nokia 6220 Classic
  • Review of the HTC Touch Diamond
  • Comparisons with the iPhone 3G

Symbian against Open Source (Google Android)

23. January 2008 at 13:52

Having an Open Source Operating System for mobiles might seem a challenge for Symbian…or maybe not.You could compare it to Windows and Linux (and its distributions). Windows isn’t Open Source but got a hefty advantage over Linux, Linux is mainly used in hosting servers and research centres, and not that much in homes. We could blame this on the distributors not having done enough publicity and not making Linux easy enough. This will not be the case of Google Android, which is basically another Linux distribution. They have won the hearts of more than 40 companies such as HTC, and also many developers thanks to their 10 million Dollars prize contest.

For developers it might seem a dream come true, but I don’t think it’s that good. What many people are expecting is an Operating System that can be moulded easily but these people are forgetting what Open Source really means. It means to have a public source code. This doesn’t mean we can grab Google Android, remove unwanted code and personalize it. Unless Google actually comes out with a “NSU” type of program with self-uploadable firmwares, and also a SDK that allows full customization, this won’t be possible.


Charge your phone with help of wind

23. August 2007 at 13:51

The guys at Orange in UK have found a great way to charge your phone without electricity. All you need is wind – nothing more. The Mobile Wind Charger does not only help mother-earth it even saves you a lot money. So, if you’re living in country where you have only a bit sun but a lot wind, than is the Mobile Wind Charger the perfect charger for you. There is no information of release or price.


External link:
The guys at Orange in UK have found a great way to charge your phone without electricity.

Smartphones Show 33

25. May 2007 at 20:25

Steve Litchfield has put together his 33 part of his Smartphones Show.You can watch it at Youtube or the Smartphones Show site.
Programme 33 covers:

  • News from the smartphone world
  • Hands on review of the Windows Mobile 6-powered HTC S710 smartphone
  • “Beyond the iPhone”. With the imminent availability of Apple’s uber-cool iPhone, a look at 10 things current smartphones like the Nokia N95 have been able to do for a while and that the iPhone can’t currently match…

Source: 3.lib

E70 vs. HTC S710: Head to head

21. May 2007 at 14:41

qwerty vs qwerty smartphones

Steve Litchfield over Allaboutsymbian has put together a really cool head to head review between the Nokia E70 and the brand new HTC S710.

Jump over to see the review and to say him what you think.