Video: Understanding what is MeeGo and comparing it to Symbian

12. September 2010 at 15:46

During the last Intel Oscon in Orlando, the guys there have managed to put some wrap-up on how to understand the term what MeeGo is, technically. It’s also been months since the word MeeGo appeared in the net and as a tech term. It’s not that too tricky neither too hard to understand on what is the basic of MeeGo, though.

Mobile World Congress: News Round Up

16. February 2010 at 00:14

The first day of the Mobile World Congress is over and all major announcements have been brought out to the media. We’re going through the key-announcements which are relevant to the Symbian world. Due to the lack of time we’ll cover these and many other topics in the next days. Nonetheless, here are the major announcements:

Intel and Nokia to Report Current Development

12. February 2010 at 14:28

Nokia IntelBack in June 2009, Intel and Nokia announced a partnership. Thus for we haven’t seen or heard anything of the results. At Nokia’s press conference in Barcelona Nokia along with Intel will report about the current development. However, what can we expect? Nokia says, that this partnership enhance to shape and drive the future of mobile computing. SymbianWorld will  be covering the Event and the whole Mobile World Congress live from Barcelona. The press conference starts at 11:30 and is followed by Nokias press conference in which they hopefully announce something big. Of course you can watch the conference at Anyway, keep an eye on SymbianWorld as we’ll bring you all news, interviews, videos, pictures and first hands-on.

Intel and Nokia announce strategic relationship to shape next era of Mobile Computing innovation

25. June 2009 at 22:12
The both leading manufactures Nokia and Intel now announced a strategic relationship to shape next era of mobile computing. According to Rod O’Shea, Intel Manager, both  want to create a totally new series of smartphones and notebooks.
Santa Clara CA, U.S. and Espoo, Finland – Further uniting the Internet with mobile phones and computers, Intel Corporation and Nokia today announced a long-term relationship to develop a new class of Intel® Architecture-based mobile computing device and chipset architectures which will combine the performance of powerful computers with high-bandwidth mobile broadband communications and ubiquitous Internet connectivity.