Tutorials: Download Free Apps from Ovi Store Directly to your Computer

2. December 2010 at 15:10

Ovi Store 2 Nokia N8We got a very good tip from Iain of doitdifferent that could benefit Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo users in taking full advantage of the Ovi’s offering at their store…most likely the non-WiFi smartphones. The tip was all about getting direct downloads of Ovi Store content to your PC/Mac or other computers without having to connect through 3G or WiFi with your phone.

Download: Nokia N8 Panorama app from Ovi Store

8. October 2010 at 17:10

nokia panoramaTo make us all happier aside from getting our beloved Nokia N8, Nokia have had launched a Panorama app for both Nokia N8 and N900. The Nokia Panorama application makes it possible for you to take panoramic shots using your N8 and N900 making your camera more useful than before.

How to Improve Speed of your Smartphone Through Defragmenting

1. October 2010 at 18:04

images (1)Defragmenting your computer’s hard disks or other file system type such mass storage is one of the most essential task and helpful way to improve its performance. By defragmentation, it will result to the rearrangement of fragmented data (seperated files), making your disks and drives works more efficiently.

Video: Understanding what is MeeGo and comparing it to Symbian

12. September 2010 at 15:46

During the last Intel Oscon in Orlando, the guys there have managed to put some wrap-up on how to understand the term what MeeGo is, technically. It’s also been months since the word MeeGo appeared in the net and as a tech term. It’s not that too tricky neither too hard to understand on what is the basic of MeeGo, though.

Introducing MaemoWorld

3. December 2009 at 20:33

MaemoWorldIt was just a matter of time till we, the SymbianWorld team, will jump on the Maemo train. And as we couldn’t  cover Maemo here on SymbianWorld we decided to start a Maemo blog. The name was obvious and so we started MaemoWorld. Just like on SymbianWorld we try to deliver news, N900 downloads, tutorials and more with MaemoWorld. However, this doesn’t mean that we will neglect this blog. Thus, please stay tuned here on SymbianWorld and visit us on MaemoWorld.