Separate Volume Controls in Windows Phone 8.1? Screenshot leaked

31. January 2014 at 10:20

WP 8.1 Screenshot

In April Microsoft will release the latest version of it’s Windows Phone Operating System – Windows Phone 8.1. Many false screenshots and videos have been pubilshed the last days and weeks. But now  leaked the above screenshot and stated that it is real. What you can see is that you can set separate volume controls with WP 8.1 for ringtones, media and apps. This is a feature almost every user have been  clamoring for so long. For me, this and a proper notification center (like iOS) are the features I am most looking for.

Red Stripe Deals for Windows Phone

31. January 2014 at 08:13

Red Stripe Deal

With its own dedicated Red Stripe section the the Windows Phone Store Microsoft offers each week six apps that are at discounts of 50% or more! This week the following six apps are available

Be sure to check the Windows Phone Store each Thursday for new Red Stripe Deals.

Why Microsoft Acquires Nokia For $7 Billion! The untold story! Nokia Meme #3

3. September 2013 at 08:56

Microsoft Apps Heading to Symbian Anna & Belle Devices – Can Be Download This Year

10. September 2011 at 13:09

Good news for everyone! As another great treat from MS and Nokia has arrived, by this year they will release numbers of Microsoft Apps to Symbian smartphones either running on Anna or Belle this year. 

Like or Dislike: Windows Phone Logo in your future Nokia Windows Phone [Poll]

3. March 2011 at 15:22

So before I go to the POLL of this article, I would like first to include and share some personal thoughts regarding the Nokia-Microsoft alliance (as I missed to post this one due to server issue that happened after the Feb. 11th announcement).


It’s almost one month now since the Nokia-Microsoft alliance happened. Some already moved on from their dilemma but some still didn’t get rid off from it. But as time continues, the first Nokia Windows Phone’s inevitable unveiling and launch date is approaching fast.