Nokia N95 8GB at FCC

20. August 2007 at 20:57

In the last days pictures of the N81 appears and today new pictures of the next N95 appears on the FCC site. The N95 8Gb will be announced in London on 29th August.

Take spy-photos with your phone!

20. August 2007 at 17:16

secret agent

Have you ever thinked about making photos with your camera phone and nobody will register it? But unfortunately you couldn´t made it because there was the flash and the shutter sound?  Now you can make it on your S60 3rd device with a new freeware application called “cCam” (pronounced: “see-cam”). This application allows you to take photos without the flash and the shutter sound, so nobody will register you while taking spy-photos.

Now you can play being a secret agent.

Click here to download.

Source: Symbian-Freak

New Nokia N95-version in the US?

10. August 2007 at 11:47

New N95?

Will there be a new and better version of the N95 for the USA?
What you can see here is the official sales flyer for the US 3G Nokia N95. There are some very hot things about it:
At first, it finally has US 3G – HSDPA. It’s 850/1900, so you can reach on AT&T’s HSDPA network speeds up to 3.6 mbps.


2. August 2007 at 22:13

My holidays just began and now I’m starting my vacation in Croatia. In the next two weeks my co-author will update this blog every day. In this time I will write some new reviews and some other stuff for you.

Stay tuned 😉

384-page book written on 6630!

31. July 2007 at 12:08

The Italian author Robert Bernocco has written the world´s first book by using a mobilephone. Mr. Bernocco puplished it on, the online marketplace for digital content.
He has written his 384 page science fiction novel “Compagni di Viaggo” on his Nokia 6630, using the phone´s T9 typing system.
Mr. Bernocco then downloaded the text onto his home computer for proofreading and editing. The book took him 17 weeks to write.

His book can be found here.

Source: Symbian-freak