Mail for Exchange version 2.9.158 available

21. March 2009 at 20:47

Now Nokia’s Mail for Exchange has been updated to v.2.0.158. Allegedly it is available for almost all Nokia phones. However, the official homepage doesn’t show the installation file when choosing for example the 5800, E61i or the N82. Nonetheless I think version 2.9 will work on these phones in due course. So far it is only available for the Nokia E51, E63, E66, E71, N73 and N95 8GB. Head over to download MfE 2.9 and to get further information.

Mail For Exchange 2.9.158 S60 3.1 HS (.SISX, 1.75 MB)


  • Composing, Sending, Receiving and Viewing email messages
  • Synchronize Calendar events, Tasks, Contacts
  • Configurable sync window for Emails
  • Configurable sync window for Calendar
  • Support for GAL (Global Address List) lookup with Company Directory
  • Company Directory available as a stand-alone sis file
  • Accept / Decline meeting requests

General problems with Nokia

10. February 2009 at 17:12

I am a user of Nokia mobile-phones for several years by now. Actually I had many problems with the build-quality and other issues of all the phones by Nokia I have used. Unfortunately the time has gone by and not much except the features has changed. So I decided to write a post about all the issues I am ā€˛enjoying” with the company Nokia.

Nokia secret codes: A handy guide

11. January 2009 at 13:37

As you may know there are many codes which can be entered in the home-screen of your Nokia S60 device, e.g. to see what firmware your device has. Because there are so many of those, and not everyone does even know of them, we decided to write this guide for you.
Some of the following codes can reset your phone or change settings, so please make sure to know what you’re doing with entering a code – there’s a description below every code, read it first! Besides the following codes we also give standard knowledge like how to open the Task-manager or switch the profile in an instance.

Nokia Sports Tracker gets video-support

23. May 2008 at 17:17

I think the most S60-users with GPS-enabled phones like the N95 or the N82 know the appplictaion “Nokia Sports Tracker”. It is a application that records your way while doing sports like running or something over the GPS. After you have recorded your way it will be saved to your training diary and you can export it to Google Earth.

Now this really popular application got support for videos: Just capture a video, like you always do, while you’re doing sports and the Sports Tracker will save it. After your tour you can upload it automatically to the Sports Trackers website. You can find the new Sports Tracker beta web service here.

Source: Daily Mobile

Brief: Nokia Maps 2.0 – New betaversion available…

8. May 2008 at 18:38

Since today there is a new betaversion of Maps 2.0 available. There are many bug-fixes and some new features added. I haven’t downloaded this version yet, but I am confident, that it is better than the last beta. Head over to the Beta Labs and download this brand new version.