Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Integrtion on the Nokia C5

7. July 2010 at 08:54


Social Media  platforms are growing immense and especially Facebook and Twitter have become essential in our daily internet-usage. However, since all smartphones are internet ready and data-plans are going more and more down, social media  found its space in modern smartphones. Let’s take a look how Nokia did managed the integration of social media services on the Nokia C5.

Nokia C5 Image Gallery

28. June 2010 at 08:37

We received the Nokia C5 and we started creating content already. However, before publishing thoughts and a review we want to share with you all sides of this quite handy device. There we go:

DSCF4733 DSCF4702

Nokia C5 Images

10. March 2010 at 21:03

The Nokia C5 is the very first device coming from the new C-Series. Basically. the C5 is smartphone for the massmarket. It features HSPA, S60 3rd Edition, big keys, a 3.2 megapixel camera as well as A-GPS. Moreover, it comes with free pedestrian- and carnavigation.  On top of that, the C5 cost only 169€. 169€ for a full navigation system and a smartphone is a awesome deal! Here you can see some pictures:


Nokia C5 Video

2. March 2010 at 21:21

As we already reported, Nokia introduced the new Nokia C5, the first device of the C-Series range. The main highlight is the retail price of 169€ and the GPS and free pedestrian- and car-navigation bundle. In a further post we will take a closer look at teh C5 but as for now we have a nice video of the Nokia C5 – enjoy!

Nokia Cseries Unveiled With The Nokia C5

2. March 2010 at 08:56

Nokia_C5_Front_lowres Nokia_C5_Warm_Grey_Front_Right_lowres

Nokia has finally drawn its curtains on the new Cseries portfolio with the announcement of the Nokia C5 – a smartphone optimized for social networking and sharing. The compact device includes access to Nokia’s range of mobile services, such as free navigation, in one affordable package. The Nokia C5 is expected to cost around EUR 135, before taxes and subsidies.