Poll: Are mobile screen protectors still a necessity? Nokia N8 says NO, Gorilla glass is here

26. September 2010 at 14:55

nokia n8 in pocketIt’s been a while since the trend of screen protectors have started. All because we can’t produce a mobile phones that were tough enough to protect our phones from scratches occurred in accidents and daily use. And somehow it became a necessity, too. But how about today? Are the mobile manufacturers doing better?

Nokia E72 firmware update to v51 (changelog)

2. September 2010 at 11:58

Nokia E72 PurpleThe enterprise/business smartphone, Nokia E72, just got an upgrade firmware to v051.018 which brings changes and improvements in different services and whole phone functionalities. Firmware v51 offers fixes of your office applications to enhanced social network apps. And from the previous software v31 to v51, the  update is a big leap for S60v3 users in the range of Nokia E72.

Multiscanner on the Nokia E72: Card Reader & Text Scanner

27. August 2010 at 18:06

DSCF3359One of my favorite applications on the Nokia E72 is the Multiscanner. This application is pre-installed and can be found in the office folder. Using the Multiscanner you can scan a text or business cards which your phone will analyze and save it in another form of text.

Nokia E72 & Nokia X6 also get new updates – v31.023 & v20.0.5

21. April 2010 at 00:30

Nokia E72 & Nokia X6 also get new updates - v31.023 & v20.0.5It seems as though its that time of the year, when Nokia decides to bring a fresh lease of life into its wide range of smartphone devices. This time the Nokia E72 has been updated to v31.023, which brings a host of new features and updates, and the Nokia X6 has been updated to v20.0.5. Unfortunately the X6 update has not come with an official changelog, however reports suggest kinetic scrolling has now been enabled throughout the UI, which is great news. As for the E72, well, hit the jump to see the huge list of new features, updates and bug fixes. Don’t forget to check our handy guide on how to update your device.

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta – now available for E71, E72 & E63 users

19. April 2010 at 11:55

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta - now available for E71, E72 & E63 usersThe Nokia Beta Labs have announced that Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta is now available for three additional devices; the Nokia E71, Nokia E72 and the Nokia E63. Nokia Messaging for Social Networks a great little solution that provides contextual homescreen widgets that allow you to jump directly to your Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets to comment, has support for live Facebook and Twitter updates pushed to your phone homescreen and moreover gives you multiple ways to interact with your friends and social network circles straight from the client. If you haven’t tried it already i suggest you head over to the beta labs now and give it a go. Check out the video of the application after the break.