Face The Task: Solved Task 3 With Some Problems

23. December 2008 at 14:22

n96-challenge Face The Task: Uploaded Task 1 & 2 to Nokia viNe / Sports Tracker

After a couple of problems I finally solved the third task of the Face The Task Challenge. I had to show in a video what I like about the Nokia N96. After some days I had a concept and I wanted to record the video. However, due to unknown problems my 4GB miroSD card didn’t worked so that the video I had recorded was lost. Than, a week after this unluky day tried it again. Everything worked well but I forget to start Noka viNe on the N85 so that I couln’t add the video to Nokia viNe. Well, than I edited the video on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and uploaded it to Blip.tv. Here you can see it.  It shows how strong the N96 is. It’s like a computer which can handel all tak from gaming, music, video, internet and email. Actually, I also solved task 4 and uploaded it to Nokia viNe but unfortunately I cannot see it o the Nokia viNe website – strange.

Task No.1
Task No.2
Task No.3

Face The Task: Uploaded Task 1 & 2 to Nokia viNe / Sports Tracker

29. November 2008 at 17:34

Some weeks ago I went out to solve task No. 1 and 2 using my Nokia N96.  The fist task was rather easy – I just had to take some geotagged pictures of me wearing the material art attire. The second task however, sounded easy but was pretty difficult. I had to record a video, of course not a steady or boring one but a nifty and spectacular. I did the first task just in front of my house. After I sum up all my ideas for Task 2 I decided to went to the playground and to look what is all possible there. Than, after I knew what I’ll do I asked my sister to record the video. After the ”session” was over I uploaded the two viNes to Nokia viNe what wasn’t that easy. Anyway, now the tasks are online. However, due to a unknown error just the second task can be found over at Nokia viNe whereby task 1&2 are both on Sports Tracker.

Take a look at the two tasks:

Task No.1

Task No.2

Face The Task: Second Task

7. November 2008 at 14:32

Face the task N96

Yesterday the folks over from WOM World Nokia sent me the second task. Last week I solved the first task which was pretty funny. Now that I discovered all sides of the N96 I’m ready for task number two. I need to record a video using my N96. The content is up to me. Yet I have some ideas but not the perfect one. Do you have a idea? If so, please leave a comment. Soon I’ll let you know more.