General problems with Nokia

10. February 2009 at 17:12

I am a user of Nokia mobile-phones for several years by now. Actually I had many problems with the build-quality and other issues of all the phones by Nokia I have used. Unfortunately the time has gone by and not much except the features has changed. So I decided to write a post about all the issues I am „enjoying” with the company Nokia.

Who blogs best – All applications reviewed!

1. March 2008 at 23:46

Many Bloggers such as my friend Jan (ex-N95Blog writer), and Ewan Spence from All About Symbian, have tested and reviewed the famous Wavelog application, and now I test what is actually the best form to blog from your phone, I come across many applications which help me post, upload and edit my articles, and in the end I decide which one I prefer, but I always love to hear what my readers have to say, so don’t forget to leave your comments.

MOSH Client published at Beta Labs

6. November 2007 at 15:50


MOSH Client is now available for download at Nokia Beta Labs.

MOSH is a service by Nokia, providing a user-driven distribution channel for applications and other content for mobile devices. It enables you to create, upload and share your applications, games, audio, images, and video instantaneously. Or you can be a spectator, and just enjoy what other people have shared.

The service is available at:

The MOSH client, available for download below, serves as a shortcut to all the basic functions in MOSH, such as searching and browsing content, uploading content, and checking your stats.

Right now, the MOSH team is planning how to make the client application richer, and how to provide the best user experience for you. Try it and tell us what you think!

Download here.

Voice of S60: James Waterworth, MOSH

9. October 2007 at 15:52

And once again Phil Schwarzmann from said : ”This is the voice of S60”.In podcast 29 he and James Waterworth are talking about MOSH. Jump over to read and listen more.

Download in MP3 64kbps Format | (17:23 – 8.1 MB)