Nokia: Go Play: First pictures and info

29. August 2007 at 09:54


Nokia announced today new devices, services and partners. Here are the first pictures:

  • Touchscreen is coming next year
  • N95 8Gb is coming in October
  • 2 versions of N81. One with 8Gb internal flash memory and the other with a microSD (2GB)
  • N81 has about 90Mb of RAM

Digital Chocolate to publish games for N-Gage platform

25. July 2007 at 12:38

The California based mobile games developer Digital Chocolate got the order from Nokia to develop games for the N-gage NextGen platform. Digital Chocolate is a famous mobile games developer so that it’s clear that the games will be a success.

Source: Symbian-freak

Nokia Ngage NextGen: Games

11. July 2007 at 13:38

The next Ngage, the Ngage NextGen, the is coming soon. The most important aspect about a mobile gaming device like the Ngage NextGen are the games. They need a great graphic to inspire the user.So here is a video with the games from the Ngage NextGen. How do you like them?