Nokia N86 8MP Review – Part 2 – Software

11. August 2009 at 02:35

In Part One of the Nokia N86 8MP Review I focused on the hardware and build quality of the handset. Today I intend to delve deep inside the N86 exploring the software aspect of the device. Just to quickly recap, the Nokia N86 8MP is Nokia’s new flagship camera-phone. The device sports 8GB of built in storage as well as a microSD card slot, and has all the now ‘standard’ features including Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and a Digital Compass. The N86 has a built in FM transmitter too, along with the extraordinary 8 megapixel, Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens, setting itself way above it’s competition.

Ducati Moto coming to N-Gage very soon

5. August 2009 at 17:14

It’s time for mobile gamers to don their leathers, hold on tight and brace themselves for the most fun they can have on two wheels as Vir2L Studios’ Ducati Moto is coming to N-Gage very soon.

N-Gage finally available for the Nokia N97

15. July 2009 at 16:47

16.07.2009 by you.

It’s been a long time but finally Nokia’s gaming platform, N-gage, is available for the Nokia N97. Albeit the N97 isn’t listed on the N-Gage website you can download N-Gage by opening the ‘Software update’.


There you need to download ‘N97 C: Phone memory update’ first and than the N-Gage application. After the download and installation process are finished you can navigate to the ‘Games’ folder and start enjoying the new N-Gage application. Unfortunately, not all N-Gage games are available for the N97 but you’ll find some good games for sure. After downloading the first games I noticed that the games are not fullscreen but 4:3 ratio. Why? Fullscreen would look much better.

Update: You can download N-Gage from here as well

AMF Bowling: Pinbusters now available for N-Gage

17. June 2009 at 19:51

AMF Bowling: Pinbusters, developed by Vir2L, is now available for all N-Gage compatible devices. The ten pin bowling game offers you 12 characters to choose from and multiple gaming modes. It’s available through the N-Gage Showroom. Just open the N-gage application, visit the Showroom tab, click ‘Update Now’ and download the game. In due course the game will be available on the website as well. As always a trial is given so that you get a idea of what the game is about.

News Flash: Nokia N97, Dance Fabulous, N86 8MP and more

12. June 2009 at 16:30

Let’s catch up with some news. First of all the Nokia N86 8MP is now shipping globally. Then, Dance Fabulous, the first party N-Gage game is available for all N-Gage supported devices. Last but not least the Nokia N97 is available in the US.

nokia-n86-8mp-bb.jpgNokia N86 8MP:

Nokia’s best mobile imaging device, the Nokia N86 8MP, which earlier this year won the prestigious TIPA Award for the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009, is now shipping globally.