Review: Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth-Controller

24. December 2008 at 20:43

Zeemote JS1

At the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig Nokia announced their partnership with Zeemote and also shown the JS1 controller at their show case. Now the N85, a gaming oriented device, comes with the Zeemote JS1 out of the box. The JS1 is a bluetooth controller for gaming and more. Read this review to take a deeper look including pictures and a video.

The camera of the Nokia N81

19. December 2008 at 12:00

The Nokia N81 is a device which especially is designed for gaming with the N-Gage platform. Since this is the main-feature of the N81 it isn’t an “all-in-one device” like the Nokia N95 or similar. Its worst feature is the camera. The device has a 2 megapixel camera without autofocus. The camera is supported by a LED-flash.
2 megapixel, LED-flash and no autofocus – you think that’s not too bad and it can compete with a three year old device like the N70? Far from it! The pictures are extremely noisy and only a few are really sharp. In bad lighting conditions the pictures are almost unusable. To show you what I mean I have made a little picture-gallery…

News out of the Beta Labs: Nokia Image Exchange & Enhanced Calculator

18. December 2008 at 15:36

CalculatorNokia Image Exchange

Over on Nokia Beta Labs I’ve found one new application and a update of another application. Nokia Image Exchange basically uploads your pictures to its own service in just a couple of seconds. Currently services like Flickr or Ovi aren’t supported. The mobile and web interface are synchronized so you can upload, publish & browse pictures on your mobile. Of course you can decide whether you keep them for your own or show them to the public or just to your friends. Than Enhanced Calculator gets finally an update. This calculator offers you more functions than the pre-installed calculator and is of course for free. Just jump over to download it or to get more information. Most S60 3rd Edition devices should support these two application, however, there are a few issues with some devices but you should give it a try.

Nokia Image Exchange:

 Wordmobi: WordPress Client for S60

Enhanced Calculator for S60:

 Wordmobi: WordPress Client for S60

The things I hate about N-Gage gaming on the Nokia N95

4. December 2008 at 16:57

The possibility of playing high-quality games on a Nokia multimedia-computer is just great. With the N-Gage application you can play everywhere –  on the go, in the bus, in the train or if you’re waiting somewhere for something. With a multimedia-computer by your side you won’t get bored. Unfortunately not all the devices which support N-Gage are real gaming-devices. They aren’t designed for N-Gage like the N81, but they support it.

The Nokia N95 is such a candidate which isn’t designed for N-Gage gaming. In this post I’ll compare it to the real “gaming-king” Nokia N81.

Nokia N81 8GB: A photoshooting

11. November 2008 at 21:56

The Nokia N81 was Nokia’s first device with the black, glossy design which you can find in many other Nseries devices nowadays. Today I decided to make a photoshooting with the N81 8GB, enjoy the pictures!