Barcoo: Scan products and get further information

15. May 2009 at 18:57

15.05.2009 by you.15.05.2009 by you.

Barcoo is a service allowing you to scan products in the supermarket to get information about this product. You can scan for example chocolate or any other barcode you find. It gives you information about the product, the best price, reviews, healthy-information, wikipedia-links and much more. The application is available for free and runs on all S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition devices. Unfortunately, the application is available only in German but you can use it anyways. Head over to download the application. I really like the application how about you?

Nokia N79 and Nokia N85 firmware updated to v20.175

15. May 2009 at 12:06

The Nokia N85 along with the Nokia N79 just received a new firmware. Version 20.175 fixes as always some major bugs but also adds some new functions. It adds turning controls (flip to silent for incoming calls and alarms) and Nokia’s email wizard, together with email notifications on the active idle screen (homescreen). You can get the firmware either by using the NSU or by updating it over the ait. To do so, just type *#0000# on your phone, and then choose Options, Check for Updates.

Age of Empires III now available

28. April 2009 at 21:13

Glu Mobile Inc have now released Age of Empires III for N-Gage. Age of Empires III, the all-conquering real-time strategy game, marches onto N-Gage, challenging players to mastermind the defence of Western Europe against the rampaging armies of the ever-expanding Ottoman Empire. It can be downloaded through the N-Gage client on your phone or on the N-Gage website. As always you can play a trial before buying the game.

DesignClock shows what a screensaver should be like

22. April 2009 at 01:17


DesignClock from MojosMobile is a great way to have a useful screensaver. It offers 10 setting points and therefore is highly customizable. Read on to see the settings and feature list.

Introducing Nokia Easy Meet

14. April 2009 at 22:32

Nokia Easy Meet just had been introduced by Nokia Beta Labs.Nokia Easy Meet is an intuitive mobile collaboration tool that allows for real-time sharing of content using mobile devices as well as PCs. The service is extremely easy to use. In fact, no software download is required for any device. All you need is access to an Internet browser. From either a PC or a mobile device, the user simply has to enter the Nokia Easy Meet URL and then create a meeting. The service supports regularly scheduled as well as ad hoc meetings. Once you create a meeting, the service sends out an email and/or SMS to each participant. With just one click, each participant can join the meeting and view the content shared by the host. Content can come directly from the host’s device or from remote servers (via OVI Files). Unlike many other web-based collaboration tools, Nokia Easy Meet allows mobile devices users to fully participate in the service. Mobile device users can see, interact with, and share content directly on or from the device. By providing complete functionality to mobile devices, mobile participants aren’t at a disadvantage in the meeting setting.

The following features are currently supported by Easy Meet:

  • File Sharing, supporting PPT, JPEG and PNG
  • Chat
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Whiteboard
  • Gesturing
  • File Downloads