TypePad Mobile: TypePad Client

15. January 2008 at 17:16

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We have already reported about a blogging solution for WordPress blogger- Wavelog. Now I’ve found a other solution which allows also TypePad blogger post content to their blog. It runs on S60 3rd Edition, Windows Mobile 5, Palm OS, S60 1st and 2nd Edition devices. You can post pictures and also text. Unfortunately I can’t test the software due to I don’t have any TypePad blog. However, if you’re a Typepad blogger you should test this freeware application. Visit the developer’s blog to read more about it

For 3rd Edition

InstFast: Bring back your application

28. December 2007 at 10:34


I think all of you know the problem of losing all applications after updating the firmware. You have to install each application once again which takes a long time. However, now Vaibhav over at The Symbian Blog, has found a great freeware application called InstFast. It reinstalls the applications after a firmware update. Therefore you have to place the sis, sisx and jar files in a folder and InstFast will install them. However, you have to sign the application with your developer certificate before installation. Unfortunately you have to change your phone´s date back to a point before 31.12.07, otherwise the application won´t work.

Source: The Symbian Blog

Youtube on S60: EmTube

18. December 2007 at 14:50


We have already reported about two YouTube Clients offering the whole YouTube content on your device. Now Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz has released the first version of emTube. It runs pretty good on my N95 and N82. This great software is a freeware, but if you like it, you are welcome to donate it. So, jump over to download it or to donate.

Source: The Symbian Blog

Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.2 Beta for Mac

3. November 2007 at 09:46


Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.2 Beta for Mac is now available for free download.

What’s new:
* Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is now supported
* Improved Nokia Device Browser with folder view
* Ability to customise the transcoding of files in iTunes and iPhoto transfers
* Performance of iTunes and iPhoto transfers with a large number of files has been improved
* Many bug fixes and minor improvements

How to: Podcast on N and Eseries

31. October 2007 at 10:35

This is a tutorial for podcasting on your Nseries and Eseries device using Nokia’s Podcasting application. Jump over to check out if your phone is supported. You can just watch the tutorialvideo, or read the 4 steps. If you don’t know what podcast is, visit this site to learn more about it.

1. First of all ensure that you have already the Nokia Podcasting application installed. If you haven’t it, just visit nokia.com/podcasting or open the Download! application to download Podcasting.

2. Now install and run Podcasting.

3. Before you can start enjoying some podcast, you have to subscribe to some podcast using the search function or select some from Directories.

4. If you found some podcast somewhere else (e.g podcast.net), just copy the URL, go to Podacast /New podcast and insert the URL of the RSS feed. Now you can enjoy the world of video and audio podcast on your mobile device.

Here a tip, if you have a URL on your computer and you want to copy it to your phone, just create a barcode and scan it with your phone using the barcode reader. This is really easy and fast.

Here are some great podacast, every S60 geek needs on his phone:

Voice of S60

Chatting with the Guru

Smartphones Show

AAS Podcast

Driving with the Guru