Audiotest: N91 8Gb vs. 5700

9. July 2007 at 18:09

Nokia has a new music phone, the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music. It has you special musickeys and you can boost it up to 4GB and maybe more. Now I and Connect tested it, to look if it is really a music phone. In our earlier two test the N91 always won.Who has the best audioquality? The 5700 or the N91?

So let the battle begin:


There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.


Up to the early waste in the bass, is the sound really linear.

Both phones are great musicphones, have a good user interface and have a lot space for music. Like in the two other test the N91 wins this time again. The sound quality is a little bit better but the quality of the 5700 is good, too. No matter which phone you chose, you have a good S60 musicphone.

N76: Pictures with friends

29. May 2007 at 10:09

Dragon-tmd, moderator of Telefon-Treff forums and founder of mobile-reviews has shot some great pictures of the N76.He compares the N76 with the N95, N91 8Gb and the V3.Jump over to see this great pictures.

Source: The Nokian-Blog

Audiotest:N91 8Gb vs. iPod

27. May 2007 at 18:33

After I post my audiotest, Stefan, from Ringnokia has ask me if I could make a new audiotest with the iPod.So here it is:

The iPod is nowadays the most famous MP3-player.Is it only a hype or is it really a great MP3-player?The iPod start against the winner of the earlier audiotest,the N91.



Almost without waves and almost perfect.

There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.

So,both the devices have a great audiofrequency but the N91 has a lot more functions than the iPod.7 reasons why you should buy the N91 8 GB instead of the iPod:

You can’t look videos/pictures on every iPod
You can’t change the battery of the iPod
With the iPod you can’t dowload music and podcast over the air(W-LAN,GPRS,UMTS)
You need a special data-cable
You can’t send music
The iPod has no loudspeaker
You need a BT adapter to connect the iPod to a BT headset


So if you want a Mp3-player with more than 8GB is the iPod the best choice.It has a great audiofrequency and a good userinterface.Bud if you search a Mp3-player with 8
or less GB you should take the N91 because it can do a lot more than the iPod.

Audiotest:N95 vs. N91 8Gb vs. N73ME

24. May 2007 at 18:53

Most of the phones selling today can play back MP3.
But not every MP3 phone is a real musicphone.Thinks like the manageable of the musicplayer,space or audiofrequency play a big role for consumers.Therefore I put together a little review about the audiofrequency of 3 Nokia musicphones:The N95 with his multimedia-keys and his 3,5mm jack,the N73 in the music edition and the N91 also with musickeys,3,5mm jack and 8 Gb HDD.


The audiofrequency is almost linear.Only in the altitude are some waves.


There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.


By high volume(90%) is the frequency really wavy(red line) what mean that the sound is really unbalanced.By normal volume the sound is neutral and with a little bit less bass.


The N91 is indisputable the best musicphone.You can save more than 2000 MP3 on the N91 and hear them with every headphones.
The N73 has a good audiofrequency but unfortunately it hasn’t a 3.5mm jack.Nokia says,that the N95 is “your MP3”.Yes,it’s your MP3 but not your iPOD,therefor is the audiofrequency to bad.But in all other aspect is the N95 with the multimediakeys and the 3.5mm jack a good musicphone where roome is for improvement.

N91: 15 tips

28. April 2007 at 17:03

The guys, over the gadget news blog, have put together 15 useful tips for N91 user.

Read here the tips

Source: The Gadget News blog