MobiTubia 1.80 Built 2 for Donators

21. April 2008 at 12:25


My favorite YouTube gets a new update. MobiTubia just hits 1.80 Build 2 and brings a lot of changes and improvements. Unfortunately is v1.8 Bult 2 just available for donators.

MobiTubia 1.80 Build 2 Changelog

  • Change Font Style for 352×416 and 800×352 screen size
  • Change Application’s Icon
  • Change Some Menu Icons
  • Change Splash Screen
  • Splash Screen has timer now
  • Change whole Video Playing method
  • Unicode characters supported for searching
  • Language Support: Thai
  • Send Saved Clip to another device via Bluetooth and IR
  • Add “Sort by” feature in Search menu
  • Fixed: Change for YouTube new system

Source: Symbian60

10 must-have applications for Nokia N95 8GB

29. March 2008 at 09:10

To get all the power out of your N95 8GB, you need applications. Without any applications on your Nseries device it´s only a mobile phone with office and multimedia abilities. But if you want a real Multimedia Computer, that you can carry around with you in your pocket, you need to have applications on it.

Today I´ve made list with my personal top-ten, must-have applications for the Nokia N95 8GB:

How to: Change your Product Code

18. March 2008 at 19:02

You are annoyed of your phone because it has a simlock or is from a provider, so that you can´t update your firmware as soon as the update comes out?

So, in this tutorial I will show you how to change your product code. If you change your provider-product code to a free product code you have a branding-free mobile phone.

At first I want to say, that you shouldn´t change it if you have no knowledge of your device. Only change it if you know what you are doing!

If you make something wrong, you could damage your phone and if you have changed the Product Code you won´t have warranty anymore. So first think exactly about what you´re doing.

!!!IMPORTANT: Don´t make a backup over the integrated backup-function of your phone before changing the PC (Product Code), because after that nothing will work anymore.!!!

For every phone there are different PC´s. You can find them in the internet via google, here is a list of some product codes.

Here an important list of the included languages in the different PC´s:

EURO1: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
EURO2: English, French, German, Turkish, Dutch, Italian
EURO3: English, Czech, Slovakian, German, Polish, Hungarian
SCANDINAVIA: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish
BALTIC: English, German, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian
RUSSIA: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian
BALKANS: English, German, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Greek
ARABIC: English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Urdu
HEBREW: English, Hebrew, Arabian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish
AFRICA: English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French

Freeware: CpuMonitor

10. March 2008 at 11:29

S60 smartphones have become little computers. Using CpuMonitor you can check now the CPU graph, CPU and FreeRAM just like on your real Computer. CPUMonitor is a simple freeware application you can download here.

Source: Symbian-freak

Brief: MobiTubia hits v1.76 build 4

8. March 2008 at 19:50


MobiTubia, the YouTube Client developed by Sittiphol Phanvalai, just hits version 1.76 build 4. The freeware application can be downloaded here.


– Fixed: “Video Not Found” error
– Change Splash Screen Image
– Reduce SIS file size to 175 KB