How to: Blogging from your phone

28. January 2008 at 20:03

Blogging is nowadays pretty popular – everybody is blogging about everything. Since I’m blogging for Xonio and have to study a lot, I’ve just little sparetime, therefor I’m writing more and more articles on my phone. I don’t post them directly from the phone but I create them on my phone. Here are 3 things, making mobile blogging pretty handy and convenient. By the way, this post was written on an N95 8GB

S60 3rd Application: MemCheck

26. January 2008 at 20:26

I found a very cool freeware application called MemCheck, it is a nice alternative to other programs that shows you the free memory and RAM.

It shows you RAM, Free/Max volume of C:\ and E:\

Note that you have to sign it by yourself because itĀ“s unsigned.

Source: dailymobile

WiiConnect: Connect your WiiMote with your Nseries

26. January 2008 at 11:47


Despite of the graphic is the handling the most important thing in mobile gaming. Some weeks ago, Nokmote opened a whole new way of gaming on the mobile. However, now I’ve found a new application offering also a great gameplay. WiiConnect is a great freeware application which allows you to connect your S60 smartphone to a Nintendo Wiimote using Bluetooth. So, you can plug in your N95 to a huge TV set, connect the N95 to the Wiimote and start playing using the 3D accelerometer abilities of the Wiimote. According to the developer WiiConnect runs on all S60 3rd Edition device. So, if you have a Wiimote you should try WiiConnect you can download here .

How to: Simple steps to N95 mouse motion

25. January 2008 at 22:34

Asier has created a great program which we have seen in most blogs and forums. NiiMe uses Python, Accelerometer and Bluetooth so that you can use your phone as a mouse by simply tilting it. I have been struggling with it for the past days, but managed to come right thanks to some tips from sid on prodigits and some logic…

For the ones who still can’t get it working, I created a very basic tutorial:

Step 1

Get Python on your computer. The tutorial is mainly intended for Vista as it was done on a notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit but I’m sure it can help in XP installations.
You can get Python from here. Install it, the latest build is 2.5.1 and has ctypes included.

Just another YouTube client

24. January 2008 at 19:53

Stefan has brought us a pretty cool news. After YouTube clients like MobiTubia and emTube just another client enter the community. YouTube just realeast its own YouTube client for every phone. I tested it on my N95 and it works fine.

Source: IntomobileĀ