New: Nokia Video Cuts for Nokia N97, 5800 Xpress Music, X6 and many more devices

29. June 2010 at 12:13

Nokia BetaLabs again released a new experimental application for your Symbian^1 device, aka S60 5th Edition. Nokia Video Cuts is a video player application with an new feature. This feature  uses key frame extraction technology and allows you to see key frames of any movie and then jump straight to a certain scene. You can download the Nokia Video Cuts application, which is still in beta,  here.

Nokia N97 & N97 mini | The problems with the Music Player search

18. November 2009 at 16:06

DSCF2857 by you.

The latest firmware update for the Nokia N97 brought many new features and changes. However, not all changes have improved the experience and usability of the device. One of which is the new search function in the music player.

Nokia N97 v2.0 Firmware Q&A Session Concluded

6. November 2009 at 19:00

8627a4da8d474e0fa475b49e29686a8e Nokia N97 v2.0 Firmware Q&A | now is your chance to have your sayOn Tuesday I attend the virtual Q&A session regarding the new 2.0 Firmware update for the Nokia N97. As mentioned earlier representing Nokia were Frank Zillikens, Lead Firmware Developer and Catalin Gheorghiu, a member of the technical team responsible for the new firmware. I want to thank you all for getting in touch and posting your queries, unfortunately I was unable to ask all your questions due to time limitations, however there were other interesting questions asked by the other bloggers during the session. You can find the full transcript after the break. Thoughts and discussions welcome.

Nokia N97: How to use Copy and Paste

6. November 2009 at 15:31


Although the Nokia N97  has a full QWERTY keyboard there was no easy way to copy and paste a text. The lack of a control key made it pretty difficult and the solution was not optimized properly. Now, with the new 2.0 Firmware update, it’s finally possible to copy a text easily using the QWERTY keyboard. This makes texting even easier and much more comfortable. Though copy and paste isn’t supported on web pages you can use it in any other situation like copying an address from an e-mail and pasting it into a contact’s detail. So without further ado, heres what you need to do:

Nokia N97 Mini Video

5. November 2009 at 19:35

NOKIA N97 Mini In a previous article I showed all major differences between the Nokia N97 and the Nokia N97 Mini.  The N97 Mini is not only smaller but feels also better in the hand. On the back you find a nicely made metallic battery cover. For further changes take a look at this article and the following video: