Pictures taken with the Nokia N97 Mini

18. September 2009 at 17:45

The Nokia N97 Mini has a 5 Megapixel Camera with autofocus and a Carl Zeiss lens. This sounds indeed really promising and thus I’ve managed some prototype samples photos to see the quality. The sharpness is good but the colour, for example of the lawn or the flowers, is to pale and not fresh enough. As a reminder, these photos are from Nokia N97 Mini’s that are not running final firmware. I expect to see improvements before they become available later this year.

02092009001 by you.

Nokia N97 vs. Nokia N97 Mini: Where are the differences

12. September 2009 at 19:02

DSCF2289 by you.

Due to the huge demand on the Nokia N97, during Nokia World 2009 in Suttgart, Nokia launched a little brother, the N97 Mini. The word ‘Mini’ just signalise that it’s smaller than the original. However, what else is different? This article will show you all the differences between these siblings.

Playlist DJ available for Nokia N97, 5800 & 5530 XpressMusic in the Ovi Store

9. September 2009 at 17:06

PlaylistDJ_192x192promo Playlist DJ comes pre-installed on the new announced Nokia X6 – the latest music oriented device. However, this application is also available for all other S60 5th Edition devices through the Ovi Store. Playlist DJ is priced at 4.99€.  Before buying you should consider if this app is really worth 4.99€. If so, go ahead and buy it here.

Get more enjoyment from your music collection with Playlist DJ. Instantly create new playlists. Match your music to your mood or change your mood with your music. Playlist DJ automatically analyzes and profiles your music collection, then builds playlists at your command. You simply set the fun and colorful mood and tempo sliders, or start with a favorite song. Discover music you forgot you had.

Interview: Axel E. Meyer, Head of Explore Design, about Nokia’s development, the N97, Apple iPhone and more

8. September 2009 at 16:46

Axel-MeyerAt the Nokia World in Stuttgart I had the chance to talk with Axel E. Meyer, Head of Explore Design, from Nokia.  He is responsible for all the latest N-Series devices. In the interview we talked about the Nokia N97 (mini), the Apple iPhone and mistakes in the past. He explained the  steps in the design-development, talked about his favourite devices and the step from rubber-boots to a Web 2.0 company.