Nokia N86 8MP Review – Part 2 – Software

11. August 2009 at 02:35

In Part One of the Nokia N86 8MP Review I focused on the hardware and build quality of the handset. Today I intend to delve deep inside the N86 exploring the software aspect of the device. Just to quickly recap, the Nokia N86 8MP is Nokia’s new flagship camera-phone. The device sports 8GB of built in storage as well as a microSD card slot, and has all the now ‘standard’ features including Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and a Digital Compass. The N86 has a built in FM transmitter too, along with the extraordinary 8 megapixel, Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens, setting itself way above it’s competition.

How to: Calibrate Nokia N97’s compass within three seconds

10. July 2009 at 15:07

The Nokia N97 has a built in compass to show you which direction you’re heading. This is especially for pedestrian navigation useful as the map automatically rotates. However, you need to calibrate the compass everytime you open Nokia Maps. According to Nokia’s manual you need to rotate the N97 around all axes in a continuous movement. It does not only take long but also looks strange. Now I’ve found a easy and fast way to calibrate the compass within three seconds.

Ovi Maps 3.0 Graduates From Beta

3. July 2009 at 12:08

Formally known as Nokia Maps, Ovi Maps 3.0 has graduated from Nokia Beta Labs and is now officially available to download, for any compatible handset, from Nokia maps originally began pretty simple, with other applications offering a better experience without the need of a PC. Ovi Maps still requires you to have a PC in order to load maps (Mac support coming soon).

Nokia’s Way of marketing their Services

23. May 2009 at 11:42

22.05.2009 by you.

Nokia is more than a mobile phone manufacture. They are offering a hand full of services such as the Nokia Music Store, N-Gage, Nokia Maps, Files on Ovi and a few more. However, the problem of these services is how to market them and how to bring these services to the customers. Who will use the Nokia Music Store if they need to pay first? Therefore Nokia adds vouchers to devices such as the E75.

Nokia gives away one week of free worldwide navigation

26. December 2008 at 15:19

Nokia really pushes their own navigation solution further and further. After they announced the latest Nokia Maps version they now give away one week of free wordlwide navigation. There are just two steps needed. First visit this website and enter your mobile number to receive your free navigation licence code. Once you received the licence code open Nokia Maps and select Options » Extras. Then go to Options » Enter license code, key in the code you received, and okay the final steps. Now you’re ready to test Nokia Maps for 7 days. If you don’t have Nokia Maps on your device than download it here.