Smartphones Show 42

7. September 2007 at 14:04

Steve Litchfield has launched a new episode of the Smartphnes Show. See episode 42 on Youtube or on 3lib.

Programme 42 covers:

  • news from the smartphone world, including video from Nokia’s huge Go:Play event in London
  • tips for getting best performance out of your smartphone’s GPS
  • my Top 5 smartphones in the world – the devices you should definitely save up for!

Source: 3lib

That’s the future: N95 8GB, N81 (8GB) and Ovi

29. August 2007 at 11:05


It’s true! Nokia launched the Nokia N95 8GB, the N81 and a lot more devices and services. The N95 8GB is the revolution of the normal N95. It has 8GB space, for up to 6000 MP3 and a big 2.8” display. The N81 has also 8GB space and extra musickeys. Both devices have a new multimedia menu. I think that Nokia will control the mobile, gaming and music industries in the next years. Today we could see the future – the future with Nokia. All services will have one name- Ovi. It’s really cool to have everything under a umbrella. Ovi offers you music, navigation, gaming, Youtube, flickr and a lot more. What do you think about Ovi, N95 8GB and N81?

Here some pictures.

UPDATE: Nokia virtual event

29. August 2007 at 07:49

Today is the big day. Unfortunately I’m not in London but WOMWorld sent me a personal invitation to the Nokia virtual event.How you can see will the N95 8Gb and the N81 be launch. Here is the official Initiary for the Nokia: Go Play event: